Zemin İstanbul has opened!

Inventron has attended the conference set by Teknolojik Grup  at Zemin Istanbul about the export incentives.

About Zemin Istanbul:

In the scope of urban/city science, Zemin Istanbul aims to attract entrepreneurs’ attention with issues like environment, energy, transportation and social innovation. And also aims to convey the sense of smart city to the people of Istanbul and especially to young people.

Zemin Istanbul will be a structure aimed at using innovative products and services in local governments and also it will be a structure that aims to produce together with citizens in the production of products and services.

The aim of the project is to increase Istanbul’s international competitiveness in innovation field, to accelerate transformation to information society, in order to improve knowledge-based economy and qualified employment; widespread and effective use of information and communication technologies; technology development, transfer and dissemination; collaboration networks and value chain.


The Incubation Center is a center that brings out successful entrepreneurs, provides resources and services to support entrepreneurs, and aims to increase the number of domestic and national crops. Also, entrepreneurs, in parallel with their requirements, benefit from a variety of trainings and the mentor pool created by those with sectoral and academic experience. At the end of this process, entrepreneurs focus on the field of “urban science” and reveal innovative products and services for Istanbul and its citizens.

Thus, in the Incubation Centers, it is aimed that the entrepreneur finds out or develop the business idea for the city, develops it and establishes a company and reaches the level to make his/her first sale. In this way it is aimed that the entrepreneur will come out from the incubator

Facilities Provided for Entrepreneurs

  • Office support
  • Mentor support
  • Acceleration program
  • Meeting Investors

Basic Work Flow at the Center:

  • Opening a call for projects about the main activity areas of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
  • At the end of this process, selection of 20 entrepreneurs by the selection Committee/Advisory Council and receiving them to the incubation center.
  • Basic educations for the entrepreneurs and providing mentor support for them to commercialize their products.