Electronic Controls

Inventron designs various control boards for white  goods, brown goods  and heating/cooling industry. 8/16 and 32 bit microcontroller’s are used in conjuction with INOS (Inventron Real Time Operating System) for to design state-of-art control boards. Inventron’s control boards are reliably used in over millions of white goods around the world. All boards are CE directive compatible. The control board can be designed for “redesign to cost of current products” or “design of new products according to customer’s needs”.

  • Boiler Group
    • Combi Boiler Control Board
    • Electric Water Boiler Control Board
    • Gas Water Heater Control Board
    • Weekly Program Timer
    • Wireless Room Thermostate
  • Cooler Group
    • Minibar Control Board (Peltier Cooler)
    • Defrost Control Board
    • Wine Cooler Control Board
    • SubZero Control Board
    • Thermoelectric Control Board
    • Internal LED Lighting
  • Cooking Group
    • Oven Timer
  • Air Conditioner Group
    • Air Conditioner Control Board
    • Smart Remote Control
  • Electric Heater Group
    • Heater Control Board
    • Smart Remote Control
  • Hood Group
    • Electromechanical Control Board
    • Electronic Control Board
    • Air Curtain Control Board
  • Acess Control Group
    • Proximity Card Readers


Figure 1 – Design Architecture

Figure 2 –  Examples of custom control boards