Secure Mobile Terminal

Inventron develops secure mobile termanals accroding to customer’s needs. Secure terminals are widely used in vertical market for ticketing, verification, meter reading, billing, ordering for many years. Inventron’s secure mobile terminal solutions offers a platform for the companies to develop the end product within 3-6 months. By using Inventron’s terminals, companies can focus on their product rather than focusing on low level harware and software development. Inventron’s secure mobile terminal support the below specifications

  • Single/ Dual / Quad ARM processor
  • upto 1 GB ram
  • upto 32 GB of storage
  • WXGA (1366 x 768) support
  • Capacitive/Resistive touch sensor support
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Smartcard Reader
  • SD Card
  • Serial Port
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • CAN
  • 4G/3G/2G communication
  • Wi/fi
  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • 8×8 Keypad
  • Speaker/Buzzer
  • Battery Management (Monitoring and gauging)
  • Linux and Android support

Security Functions:

  • ARM TrustZone Architecture, a trusted execution environment for security-critical

    • Hardware-assisted virtualization-two virtual machines: Secure and Normal
      Worlds (processor modes)
    • Hardware firewalls
    • Control access from CPU and DMA peripherals to on-chip peripherals and
      to both on-chip and off-chip memory
    • Interrupt separation
    • Secure storage separation
    • Cryptographic separation
  • Secure High Assurance Boot
    • Security library embedded in tamper-proof on-chip ROM
    • Authenticated boot, which protects against unauthorized software
      • Verification of the code signature during boot
      • RSA-1024/2048/3072/4096 keys anchored to OTP fingerprint (SHA-256)
    • Image version control/image revocation (on-chip OTP-based)
  • Secure storage
    • Off-chip storage protection using and the chip’s unique hardware-only key
  • Hardware cryptographic accelerators
    • Symmetric: AES-128,
    • Hash message digest: SHA-1, SHA-256,
  • True and pseudorandom number generator
  • On-chip secure real-time clock with autonomous power domain
  • Secure debugging
  • Configurable protection against unauthorized JTAG manipulation
  • Universal unique ID
  • Electrical fuses (OTP Memory)
  • Physical tamper detection
    • Tamper input signal available for cover seal and power glitch detection
    • Hardware and software tamper response
    • Mesh monitoring
  • Hardware bus encryption
    • AES-128 encryption, supports ECB and CTR mode
    • Non-secured access filtering