Applied Electronics & PCB Design

Inventron has a course in Bahçeşehir University CO-OP program since 2016. The goal of this course to prepare the students to enter the fast-paced world of electronics by applying the theoretical knowledge, learned in their foundation courses on analog and digital electronics, on a printed circuit board. Students will study on the parameters of the active and passive circuit elements in the first 5 weeks and learn to design printed circut board in the following 5 weeks then realise their own  printed circuit board project for final assignment.

Course content:

  • Week 1 – Design parameters of passive electronic components
  • Week 2 – Design parameters of passive electronic components
  • Week 3 – Design parameters of active electronic components
  • Week 4 – Design parameters of active electronic components
  • Week 5 – Schematic Design, Schematic Library
  • Week 6 – Printed Circuit Board Overview (PCB Manufacting, Multilayer PCB)
  • Week 7 – Midterm
  • Week 8 – Footprint design, Footprint library
  • Week 9 – Analog and High Speed Digital Signal Design on PCB
  • Week 10 – Signal Integrity, Differential Signal Routing, Crosstalk
  • Week 11 – Power circuit design on PCB, RF circuit design on PCB
  • Week 12 – Design for EMC
  • Week 13 – Gerber Creation, BOM creation, Pick and place
  • Week 14 – IPC Standards

About CO-OP Program:

Bahçeşehir University is implementing 21st century education model, CO-OP; which brings today and future, life and school and university life and work life together for the first time in Turkey.

Since 2008 to now ‘My Campus is My Office’ is proceeding with the perception of combining university and work life. So that, BAU students have a chance to experience a real business place while they are still students. BAU students have the possibility of working full time in the summer and part time in the winter over one thousand local and foreign firms. Until now BAU gave the facility of combining study life and work life to nearly 3 thousand students with CO-OP Education Model.

The most innovator and unique concept of CO-OP is ‘Lectures with Brands’. ‘Lectures with Brands’ is a name given to the lectures which companies are opening in Bahçeşehir University for the aim of raising qualified labors and the lectures are about companies field, service, product and applications. Companies are preparing these practice intended lectures by considering sectors needs and sector representatives are giving the lectures. By this, students have a chance to have lecture with company representatives and directors. At the end of the program certificate will be given to the ones who are successful. Since 2008, BAU offered 84 ‘Lectures with Brands’ given into students service.