POSPAD is an Point-of-Sale terminal wich can be connected to various cash registers over ethernet, usb or serial port. Any cash register can be transformed to a fiscal POS terminal by connecting to a POSPAD. POSPAD’s footprint is 22x24cm and consumes less space on the desk compared to its competitors.

POSPAD specifications:

–Windows 10

–1.83GHZ Intel Processor



–10.1” capacitive touch LCD (1280×800)

–Supports VFD customer display, epson printer, scale, barcode reader, magnetic card reader

–1xEthernet / 3xUSB / 1x Drawer / 1x Serial Port

–Wi-fi / bluetooth communication

–Front and rear cameras for loyalty applications

–PLU import / export

–Reporting to back office

–2x speakers

–Robust desgin