Linux Training

We have deep expertise on Linux operating system especially on Embedded Linux platforms.

We provide training services both at the early and late stages of your custom projects. We also provide classroom trainings for companies who want their employees catch the latest improvements in embedded Linux world.

We can provide trainings for Linux on the following topics:

  • Linux system design
  • Embedded Linux architecture
  • Device driver development
  • Linux security
  • Graphical User Interface development (Qt, XServer, Wayland)
  • Filesystem Design (EXT, Ubi, JFFS)
  • Custom kernel design and build
  • Build Systems (Ltib, Yocto Openembedded etc.)
  • Shell scripting
  • Linux tools (ppp, iptables, openssl, libcrypto etc.)

Please consult our training department for more detailed information on the training topics that we can provide.