Yocto Training

Yocto is increasingly being used by SoC and target board manufacturers to provide reference Linux distributions for their platforms. As such it is also becoming the standard approach, for companies who use Linux on their products, to create and maintain a Linux development environment for their customers as well as their internal development teams.

Embedded Systems Development with Yocto training course from Inventron is designed to help you maximise your effectiveness in using Yocto to complete projects on time and in budget.

The course is offered as 2 or 3 days course with customized content based on the details you need. Some of the topics include:

  1. Yocto Basics
  2. Using Yocto to build U-Boot, a Linux kernel and a filesystem
  3. Bitbake and OpenEmbedded
  4. Layers, recipes and classes
  5. Repository
  6. Root File Systems
  7. Packages & Package Management
  8. SDKs
  9. Devshell, Devtool
  10. Development Workflow
  11. Systems Integration
  12. Customization
  13. Patching existing kernel/U-boot code
  14. Managing multiple board configurations
  15. Managing package dependencies
  16. Testing