Fiscal Box

Inventron designed Fiscalizator; a cloud based fiscal solution for next generation fiscal projects. Fiscalizator uses the cloud to fiscalize a transaction as well as storing the transaction in the fiscal memory. Transactions are stored on the fiscal memory and send to the cloud immediately, this enables the goverments for big data process and also keep the copy of the fiscal data on the fiscal device memory for data redundancy. A fiscalizator may serve tens of cash registers over the ethernet, reduces the device cost. If fiscalises with maximum security and minimum cost.

The specifications of the Fiscalizator:

  • Common Criteria EAL2 certified fiscal software
  • Transforms non-fiscal ECR, PC-POS and EFT-POS into an online fiscal device.
  • Support fiscalization of multi non-fiscal devices using single FB79X in a shop.
  • Tamper proof device, records and alerts when the box is opened without authorization.
  • 20 years Fiscal Memory capacity
  • Fiscal Memory is protected with electronic net cover for unauthorised intervention.
  • Secure online communication with the cloud by using AES-256, SHA-256, Triple DES, SLL cryptography.
  • Secure boot ensures the operation only with the signed software.
  • Internal battery for uninterruped security.
  • High capacity secure Electronic Journal (EJ).
  • USB and ethernet printer support.
  • Optional GPRS connectivity.
  • Secure storage of audit logs.
  • User and Role management.
  • LCD touch screen option.
  • Remote configuration and management.
  • Status Lights