Fiscal Printer

Inventron designs secure Fiscal Printers for various markets. Custom designed fiscal printer can be connected to the PC over ethernet or USB and fiscalises the transaction. Inventron’s fiscal printers are protected against software tampering. shadow imaging, man in the middle attack, counterfeit, physical attacks like unscrewing and drilling. Inventron fiscal printer designs have the below security functions:

  • Common Criteria EAL-2 Security Level
  • Online secure communication with TSM
  • Embedded Linux Operation System
  • 400MHz 32bit ARM processor
  • 80mm thermal printer with 200mm/s speed
  • Autocutter
  • Tamper Detection
  • Mesh Protection
  • EFT-POS integration
  • Electronic Journal
  • Fiscal Memory (mesh protected)
  • Ethernet / GPRS mmunication options
  • Barcode and scale connection
  • Drawer connection
  • 1xEthernet / 2xUSB / 1x Drawer / 3xSerial Port
  • 30 water resistant keys
  • 100.000 PLUs
  • Reporting to PC over api
  • Customer & Cashier LCD Display

Below you can see the various connection options using Inventron’s fiscal printer.

Figure 1 – Stand-Alone Fiscal Printer


Figure 2 – PC Driven Fiscal Printer