Building Your Customized IoT Solution

There’s a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT), and many organizations are successfully implementing IoT solutions with beneficial outputs. However, the majority are getting influenced by the hype, the urgency to have an IoT play and are trying to force fit IoT into their landscape. The typical outcome of such an approach is discussions with multiple vendors and implementation of a so-called IoT product that doesn’t solve the problem.

As Inventron we see IoT as a chance to have a customizable, flexible and scalable platform which consists of a full stack of hardware and software. We are not only providing an IoT module for a specific use-case but also provide a living ecosystem that is constantly evolving.

In IoT world security and connectivity are the top most concerns. Our modules include several connectivity options like 4G, NBIoT, EGPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There are scenarios where cellular connectivity is needed and bandwith is an issue. In such cases CAT M1 would be the choice. If power consumption is an issue then NBIoT will be the choice. If 2G is enough it is also an option in Inventron SOM.

For the security part we provide an end-to-end secure system with our provided libraries and APIs. We provide a secure processor which include several security features like hardware cryptographic accelarators, secure boot, tamper detection, secure memory etc. For software providers or product developers it is not easy to utilize hardware for security features but we provide proven and tested drivers and libraries for this purpose. By using standart Linux security applications like OpenSSL etc. you can easily write your applications.

Another issue for embedded IoT systems is the protocols. There some major protocols in the market that is not so easy to develop. As Inventron we provide these protocols out of the box and using the provided libraries you can easily connect your applications to Cloud or your on-premise services. We provide the following Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) Protocols: MQTT, AMQP, CoAP, OPCUA, LWM2M , oneM2M, SmartM2M. You can directly connect your IoT module to a Cloud provider like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud etc.

The last part is the existance of a device firmware management system. Our modules have integrated software update tools and applications. We have embedded the required tools for updating OS and applications in our bootloader and Linux distribution. In order to speed up development we support Embedded Java and required Java libraries to easily build your IoT solution.

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