Gömülü Yazılım

Inventron provides 15+ years of embedded software development experience.

We provide software development services both based on Agile or Waterfall principles.

We have a highly professional engineering team that uses latest tools and libraries to build high end embedded systems.

Some of the topics that we have experts on are:

  • NXP Freescale iMX Family Processors (imx258, imx6, imx7, imx8 etc.)
  • TI Microcontrollers (MSP Family)
  • STM Microcontrollers (STM32 etc.)
  • Renesas Microcontrollers

We have the subject matter of experts in the following topics:

  • Security Hardware (Secure Microcontrollers)
  • Security Software (Key Management, Crypto Operations, Tamper, Mesh)
  • Serial and Parallel Protocols Implementations
  • SMBUS, RS-232, RS-485, i2c, ADC-DAC, ISO-7816 Communications
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G/4G, BLE, GSM, SAM/GEM Communications
  • Peripheral Device Management (Character/Dot Matrix LCD, Printer, Scale, Barcode Reader, Keypad etc.)
  • Network Communications (HTTP(S), SSL, TLS, Rest, AMQP, MQTT, NTP, SOAP etc.)
  • Graphical User Interfaces (Frame Buffer Management, QT, XServer, Wayland, emWin, Segger etc.)

Our device design expertise are mainly in the following systems:

  • Military Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Retail and POS Systems
  • Cash Registers
  • Identity Access Devices

We have a broad range of customers where we provide end-to-end solutions. We also provide platforms and frameworks where our customer can build their custom software based on our provided support packages.


Inventron has an experienced team for building Smart Linux based systems.

  • Kernel Development,
    • Device Driver Development
    • Boot Loader Development
    • Root File System Design
  • GUI Design:
    • QT,
    • Wayland,
    • XServer

We are experts in Network Application Design & Protocol Implementation (TCP/IP, UDP, SSL, TLS, IpSec, SAML, WebServices, Rest etc.)

We work on Secure Hardware, Secure Systems, Cryptology, Certificate and Key Management

Inventron is very experienced in Embedded Java and Android based solution development